MHDCD Project

6.4.10. Robert

Robert is an Indigenous man in his late 30s. He is identified as having a mild intellectual disability with a total IQ of 67 (verbal IQ of 68 and non-verbal IQ of 72). Robert lacked parental involvement in his early life although he was not placed in OOHC. The police event narratives indicate that there was alcohol misuse by his parents and he spent some time in the care of his aunt and other extended family members. Robert attended three different schools before leaving in year eight. Police note Robert’s drug use from the age of 14, beginning with cannabis and sniffing solvents and progressing to heroin and cocaine.

At the age of 11 Robert had his first contact with police when he was arrested for stealing, and his offences progressed from stealing in his youth to bag snatching, break and enters and drug offences in his teens. He had six juvenile justice custody episodes. Robert has had frequent contact with police in inner Sydney, primarily in connection with his drug misuse. He has had 143 police contacts, with 35 episodes of police custody.  Police noted on one occasion that when Robert was arrested they recognised that he has a disability, and when legal representation could not be found for him, a charge of break and enter was not pursued. As Robert grew older his interactions with police began to be characterised by his becoming violent, and when he was 20 he seriously assaulted a police officer.

Records indicate that Robert is a client of ADHC including its Community Justice Program. Robert is reported as having limited communication skills, difficulty comprehending issues, difficulty in planning and being easily led by others. His drug use is a primary factor in his offending. 

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