MHDCD Project

8.3 Sample

8.3.1 Site Sample

A list of 10 potential town/suburb sites in NSW and NT was developed for possible participation according to the following criteria for inclusion in the sample.

  • A high proportion of the population being Aboriginal people
  • A mix of urban, regional and remote sites in NSW, and one regional centre in the NT
  • An Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation that could become a formal partner in the research

After initial contact and discussions with the Project Advisory Group, four appropriate community sites were chosen as potential participants for the study. These are:[1]

  • NSW
    • Regional Centre 1
    • Regional Town
    • Remote Town
  • NT
    • Regional Centre 2


[1] The place names of the research sites have been anonymised in order to avoid stigma or negative ramifications for those interviewed and for the communities.

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