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Eileen Baldry, Elizabeth McEntyre and Ruth McCausland 'Why Aboriginal people with disabilities crowd Australia's prisons'

Elizabeth McEntyre 'How Aboriginal women with disabilities are set on a path into the criminal justice system'

Ruth McCausland, Eileen Baldry and Elizabeth McEntyre 'Aboriginal people with disabilities get caught in a spiral of over-policing

Ruth McCausland 'Supporting, not imprisoning, Aboriginal people with disabilities could save millions

Elizabeth McEntyre, Eileen Baldry and Ruth McCausland 'Here's how we can stop putting Aboriginal people with disabilites in prison'

Eileen Baldry, Ruth McCausland, Leanne Dowse, Elizabeth McEntyre and Peta MacGillivray 'It's just a big vicious cycle that swallows them up': Indigenous people with mental and cognitive disabilities in the criminal justice system', Indigenous Law Bulletin 8(22)m April 2016. 


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